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The DO-HY Brush

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This skin brush is simply fantastic! We have selected the highest quality of product and we take great care in our manufacturing process to bring you the best. This body brush is ideal and becoming essential for skin exfoliation and oxygenation. It gently cleanses your skin of impurities.

Developed by DO-HY, for you! It is also the ultimate tool for the practice of the DO-HY Technique.

A skin brush you can soap and lather with!

Yes! This is not only for simple and straight dry/wet skin brushing. This skin brush advantageously replaces your sponges and face cloths. Using the Soap free Dermo Cleanser or other of your choice, you maximize the potential of your shower and bath.

Way better than Loofah...

The skin is not flat and even; it's full of humps and hollows with holes (pores) and hair. The natural bristles of this skin brushing tool gets in there to remove all impurities in a much better way than face cloth, abrasive horsehair gloves, ineffective sponges and loofahs. This skin brush is comfortable, stimulating, cleansing and offers optimal skin exfoliation... gently.

Tone and Skin exfoliation. Without abrading and scouring!

With all-natural sisal bristles, this skin brush is perfect for wet or dry skin brushing massage. Within shower or bath, invigorate your circulatory system by brushing your skin using a circular motion. Health researchers claim that regular body brushing can improve the health and tone of the skin while giving the ability of the body to function efficiently.

This natural sisal skin brush is softer than loofah, but exfoliates effectively, so you can keep your skin healthy without feeling scoured. Use it whenever you shower to scrub away dead, pore-clogging cells. And don't forget you can use soap with it.

Prevents clogged pores and ingrown hair

By it's mechanical action on lymphatic and blood micro-circulation, the skin activates the natural detoxification and rejuvenation process. Hence, impurities are dislodged, skin is stimulated to let toxins out and regaining it's natural state of order. Best tool for Acne.

Use the skin brush within the shower or bath to remove dead skin cells and clogging sebum; reveal the fresh and live tone hidden beneath.

Helps moisturizers penetrate deeply

By removing impurities correctly, the natural oils of the skin are back at work and your skin is ready to work again. Your skin is prepared to receive any additional help from hydrating/moisturizers and vitaminic products like the DO-HY Body Balm, and Anti-Aging Serum Concentrate or the ones you have selected.

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Skin Brush Attributes

• Helps removing dead skin and impurities encrusted in the skin pores.

• Rejuvenates and activates the circulation, leaving the skin pink and soft.

Slows the aging process by stimulating the skin the right way; by helping oxygenate, hydrate and working at it's full potential,

• Elimination of fat deposits and reduction of cellulite.

• exfoliation of the skin and increased oxygenation, which is a must for skin problems such as acne, ingrown hair and others.

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